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The George Perry Floyd, Jr Foundation Commemorative Coin

Vision, Creator, Author and Legacy Symbol, Dr. Louis C. Langston (D.Hum)

Producer, Vicki L. Robinson

Co Producer and Website Builder, Joe Certain

Tribute Video Narrated, Anthony Mackie

Prayer and Introduction, Narrated, Anthony Mackie

Lift Every Voice and Sing, Lyrics/Music, James Weldon and J. Rosamond Johnson

Voice: Alicia Keys

How can You Help?

You can support us by donating to this greater cause and receive a commemorative coin and mug. To help fight police brutality! The truth is, no matter your charitable cause we are there for you. Our team of volunteers serves the greater good, volunteering time and skills to advance community spirit and make our town a better place to be.

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On Saturday, June 19, 2021, also known as “Juneteenth” Independence Day, the day widely recognized end of slavery in the United States, and is an important holiday in American history. The George P. Floyd committee hosted a virtual ceremony to unveil The George Perry Floyd, Jr Foundation Commemorative Coin.

Dr. Louis C. Langston

Philonise Floyd and the 

(Late) George Floyd


Minister Woodie Ealy, Invocation Prayer

Almighty God, We are in awe of your magnificent power displayed through the entire universe,

for through you all things were made and all things have their being. Yes!… the George Perry

Floyd Jr. Foundation Commemorative Coin, author and creation of Dr. Louis Conway

Langston, your humble servant. We come before you with gratitude and with hearts that long

to adore you and worship only you. Lord, may we know the presence of the Holy Spirit here

with us today as we commemorate His VOICE, His CHANGE and His Legacy of George Perry

Floyd Jr,. Amen.

Prayer of Thanks 

Almighty God, We thank you for this fruitful endeavor, Lord, let what we

presented here bear fruit in our lives and in other of my brothers and sisters.

Don’t allow the enemy to steal what we commemorate and unveiled on this

Juneteenth Day. Cover us with the blood of your Son Jesus and show us how to use the commemoration that we have unveiled will be used for your glory. It is in Jesus’ name we believe and pray, Amen.


Supporting vulnerable people and good causes in the local community.

We help give financial support to the cause to Be His…George Perry Floyd, Jr., Legacy, by helping to support non-profits and small businesses which support initiatives that seek to eliminate police brutality, promote social justice and protect the civil rights of people of color. 

We’re a team of like-minded people who love lending a hand! Want to join us?

Coin Unveiling

“Another Voice of Victory Unveiled”